Song seung hun dating lee yeon hee

Also be sure to visit the essay . Why is Winter Sonata a Big Hit in Asia? by Diana Lee. For more comprehensive English-language websites on TV dramas, visit m or www.

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Fearing the hostility Koreans feel for people with HIV, she keeps the nature of Spring s illness even from her, while drilling her strictly in how to deal with injuries so as not to put anyone else at risk.

Song seung hun dating lee yeon hee

But she s not in love with Han Gyeol either. By chance, Go Eun Chan delivers milk to Han Seong s house. She and Han Seong bond over Han Seong s sheepdog Ssulja, and become good friends.

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Song seung hun dating lee yeon hee

Writers Lee Jeong-ah and Jang Hyeon-joo keep things steaming along entertainingly, and for the most part they keep the comedy in character, without much of the pointless slapstick or asides that disrupt some comedy-dramas.

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